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The capitalism of decades to come

O SSPerform is an online research instrument to assess, explain and improve the overall performance of companies. It contains two scales,

★ one assesses overall performance,
★ another assesses performance culture.

The SSPerform results from long years of author management experience and dedication to academic research. It contains simple, practical questions related to the operations of any company and was developed under rigorous theoretical basis.

The essence of the SSPerform theory is the proposition of using Stakeholder Satisfaction as a metric to assess overall performance.
For stakeholders, a company has a good or bad performance insofar as its demands are being satisfied or not.

Over 1,300 workers from different companies took part in the empirical research to develop SSPerform.

Statistical analyzes demonstrate robust validity evidence of the scales and positive correlations between organizational culture and company performance measured by stakeholder satisfaction. Positive correlations allow inferring that improvements in culture can result in improvements in company performance.

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Firm Stakeholders, who are they?

They are all the people or all publics who have interests in the company. Those who can affect it or be affected by it. Key stakeholders are employees, customers, suppliers, communities and financiers.

What do stakeholders expect from the company?






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